Top winter charter destinations in 2023

If you’re looking at getting away to relax and unwind after the Christmas rush, we’ve put together some wonderful winter charter destinations for 2023…

The British Virgin Islands

This group of 50 islands are located in the beautiful Caribbean. Sailing here between December and February means you will be avoiding their hurricane season. You’ll be blessed with steady winds and calm currents making it ideal sailing conditions for a yacht charter. Tortola is a great place to start your sailing journey, enjoy warm temperatures, hidden coves and snorkelling around coral reefs.


Located on the Northwestern coast of Central America, there’s Caribbean shorelines to the East and dense jungle to the West. The Belize Barrier Reef lies just offshore, home to some outstanding marine life making it a great spot for diving and snorkelling in the reefs. You’ll get consistent winds making this destination perfect for an experienced sailor chartering a boat. It is a legal requirement for all yachts without a skipper present to fill out an application to obtain a temporary certificate of competency which is issued by the Belizean Port Authority. 


On the coast of Africa there are 115 islands known as the Seychelles, the best time of year to go sailing here is February. Lap up the warm clear blue waters, powdery white beaches and palm trees. You’ll find an average high of 29 degrees, with northeasterly winds at around 10 knots, tides range from 1.4m to 1.8m, making some perfect sailing conditions.


Phuket is one of the most popular sailing destinations in Thailand, with the Andaman Sea being a prime sailing spot for charters. The best time to sail here is during February, with temperatures at a reasonable 29 degrees and humidity at a low. Leisurely explore the many wonderful tropical islands, white sand beaches and unchartered coves, with gentle winds between 5 to 8 knots.


This group of islands are located off the coast of Queensland, nestled between the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This is a hot destination to visit during our wintertime; temperatures are high between December and February. It offers unique untouched national parks and iconic beaches with plenty of coral reefs to explore. It is a top sailing destination for experienced sailors, as you are completely exposed to the elements and winds can get strong. Of course you can just opt for a yacht charter with a skipper, as there is the increased likelihood of rain and potential cyclones this time of year.