Plymouth Fisheries

At the heart of Plymouth’s fishing community

Our People

Find out more about some of the familiar faces you’ll see around Plymouth Fisheries.

Pete Bromley
Harbour Master

Pete is a former fishermen who ‘jumped ship’ in 1995 after more than 20 years at sea when he was given the opportunity to help establish Plymouth Fisheries and manage the brand new complex.

A few years later, he took on the key role of Harbour Master for Sutton Harbour. Pete drew on his own experiences to help set up the fisheries with the support of Plymouth Trawler Agents, using his knowledge and commitment to the industry to ensure the new fish market revitalised the fishing industry in Plymouth.

Pete remains committed to ensuring that the fisheries is not only successful but also directly meets the needs of fishermen using it, ensuring they get the maximum price for every good fish landed.

As Harbour Master, Pete’s role also involves upholding the regulatory demands of a statutory harbour authority for Sutton Harbour Group, overseeing operations staff and ensuring the harbour evolves to meet the needs of its users.

T: 01752 204730
T: 07860 863 150

Nick Eggar
Fisheries Manager

Nick has been familiar face at Plymouth Fisheries for 20 years, having previously worked for Plymouth Trawler Agents, including overseeing floor operations and day-to-day business at the fish market.

Nick was promoted to the position of Fisheries Manager at the start of 2017, bringing a wealth of crucial industry experience to the role, and he works to ensure the smooth daily running of the fisheries complex.

Nick works closely with fishermen and staff from Plymouth Trawler Agents to ensure a catch is unloaded from fishing boats as quickly and efficiently as possible, and aims to ensure Plymouth Fisheries is the best place in the country to land and sell your catch.

T: 01752 204730

Joe Ransley
Lock and Wharf Manager

Joe is a former fishermen who has worked at Plymouth Fisheries for the last 14 years, and was promoted to the position of Lock and Wharf manager in early 2017.

Joe liaises closely with Plymouth Trawler Agents staff and manages vessels coming into Sutton Harbour through the lock gates.

A crucial part of Joe’s role is to ensure good communications between the lock and the fisheries, making sure daily operations are as easy as possible for everyone involved.

With such a high number of boats making their way through Sutton Harbour lock each day, Joe’s role is vital to enable a well-run system of operations for visiting fishing vessels, as well as leisure marine traffic and other harbour users.

T: 01752 204730
T: 07471 356 976