How to get the most out of your boat in 2022

With January out the way, many of us are turning our thoughts to a new sailing season. For many sailors this is the perfect time to give yourself a refresher on sailing knowledge or think of new sailing experiences and challenges you’d like to set.

Here’s some ideas for how to get the most out of your boat in 2022…

Sail more

This is a really great simple one, get out on the water more with your boat. It’s easy for our busy lives to get in the way of our hobbies, but sailing is a great place for sailors to retreat for their own relaxation, recreation and pleasure. It’s important to make time to do what you love – maybe set out a clear timetable when you’ll get out on the boat and check sailing events. Although this can be weather dependent, setting a rough sailing plan will help you make the most of your boat.

Expand your sailing knowledge

All sailors can learn more and gain more sailing knowledge –  maybe there’s an advanced course you’ve always fancied or an extra sailing qualification. Celestial Navigation or learning about cruising catamarans, whatever it might be, get yourself booked onto a sailing course that will inspire you to gain more sailing knowledge.

Make new sailing friends

Maybe this is the year you join a sailing club and start to socialise more with other sailors, or how about using an app to find new sailing friends? The ‘Go Sailing’ app is a great way to start making connections with fellow sailors and sailing communities who want to get out and sail with others.

Explore new horizons

It’s easy to get into the routine of sailing to the same places. A commitment to sail in new places is a great way to start new sailing adventures this year. Venture out of your comfort zone and plan a new sailing trip you’ve never done before, somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to.

Reduce your plastic use

All of us who spend time on or beside the water know the problem of plastic pollution in our seas and as sailors, we have a duty to do our bit to protect the ocean. Try to avoid single-use plastic whilst on your boat – reusable water bottles and bags are a great start. Take part in local beach cleans and try to always pick up and bin rubbish found on the water or shoreline.

Share the sailing love

Why not share your sailing experience with others that you can teach and inspire to love being out on the water? Take friends or family members onboard and show them just how pleasant it can be messing about on boats. Don’t forget the next generation – many younger members of the family or children of your friends would love to spend time out on the water, and you could inspire a whole lifetime of sailing for them.

Perform proper boat maintenance

Boat maintenance isn’t as fun as the cruising part, but it’s important to put the care into your boat that it needs. Boat checks and maintenance are essential and it’s in your best interest to stay on top of them. Make sure you plan your boat checks through-out the year and set reminders so you keep them up-to-date.

Put boat safety first

Safety on your boat is super important. If you’ve noticed you sometimes forget to wear your lifejacket or haven’t checked the tides properly, maybe draw up a sailing safety tick list you can check through before you set sail. This will ensure you are always following the best safety on your boat and keeping up with regular safety checks.