Sutton Harbour’s Sugar Quay development passes key planning milestones

The City of Plymouth has granted approval of the development of the Sugar Quay at Sutton Harbour, with the completion of the key planning approvals.

Sugar Quay, a £60 million, 21-storey building on the eastern side of the harbour, will provide 170 apartments, restaurants and shops and will be a centerpiece development in the regeneration of Plymouth’s historic harbourfront, being led by Sutton Harbour Group,

Plymouth City Council’s planning committee unanimously approved plans for Sugar Quay in April 2022. This was followed last week (June 7) by the successful completion of the Section 106 legal agreement with the Council. This development will bring significant benefits to the city, its residents and visitors as a result of the development, including a contribution of £3.15 million to social housing and further contributions to local health, education and welfare provision.

Construction is expected to start within the next year, 2023, providing the time required for the finalisation of the construction drawings and specifications, the settling of construction contracts and the completion of the S106 pre-construction provisions. The construction is anticipated to require up to three years for this scale of building.

Sugar Quay has been innovatively designed to act as a sentinel building for the harbour. The layout optimises its unique location, providing a significant increase in public space and space for leisure and retail activities, incorporating extraordinary westerly views to the marina, the Barbican, and the Hoe.

These features at ground level also include improvement to public areas along the east side, with large open areas replacing the current narrow walkways. The Marrowbone slip will be fully integrated with the harbourfront spaces.

The milestone in the Sugar Quay project comes as construction is progressing well on the site of Sutton Harbour Group’s nearby Harbour Arch Quay development (HAQ). HAQ will be a striking new addition to the Sutton Harbour waterfront, with a limited collection of 12 two and three bed apartments, in addition to two luxury penthouses, enjoying views over Sutton Harbour Marina and Plymouth Sound.

Sutton Harbour Group is has also acquired additional lands on the east side of the Sugar Quay site for redevelopment in accordance with the long-standing policy of Plymouth City Council for the regeneration of the lands between Sutton Road and Gdynia Way. These recently acquired lands could accommodate a new neighbourhood. The neighbourhood would feature new homes, including affordable housing and social housing, retail space, car parking and a new urban park. This neighbourhood is being designed to complement the Sugar Quay development. Together they would provide an eastern gateway to the harbour, with improved walkways and streetscape along Sutton Road and opening up new routes to/from the waterfront and the residential communities east of Gdynia Way. It would also achieve the strengthening of activities of the City Centre with the enhanced integration of Sutton Harbour and these eastern residential communities.

Philip Beinhaker, Executive Chairman of Sutton Harbour Group, said: “We are very pleased to have completed the Section 106 legal agreement for Sugar Quay and to see the momentum gathering behind our plans to complete the regeneration of the eastern side of Sutton Harbour, enhance the wider historic harbour area and improve the links between the city and waterfront.

“The core theme running through all our projects is to maximise this wonderful location and its unique attributes as we work towards our vision of establishing Plymouth’s historic harbour among the finest in the UK, for the benefit of the residents, and visitors to Plymouth.

“It is about bringing high quality urban and building design to create enhanced urban and waterfront spaces, integrating and enlivening the City Centre, beautiful homes, engaging retail and leisure opportunities and welcoming public spaces for the benefit of all who live, work and visit here. Together with the positive impact on the built environment, the Section 106 agreement delivers a package of measures which ensures Sugar Quay will deliver a significant social and economic legacy for the city.”

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