Escape the crowds – best local beaches by boat from Sutton Harbour Marina

The wonderful thing about the Devon coast is the many secluded beaches you can reach by boat, if you set sail from Sutton Harbour Marina there’s so many local beaches to visit where you can escape the crowds.

Here’s our round up of the best beaches to reach by boat from Sutton Harbour:-

Broad Sands Beach

This lovely little known cove is tucked away on the rugged North Devon coast between Watermouth and Combe Martin. It’s generally very sheltered and is considered to be one of the best swimming beaches on this coast. This is a great little cove for exploring, with lots of nooks and crannies and a few caves – it’s worth noting that this beach does shrink considerably as the tide comes in. This is a real undiscovered gem to visit by boat, it deters many people by foot due to the 240 steps you have to negotiate to get to it!

Lannacombe Beach

This is one of Devon’s true hidden gems, nestled away between Prawle Point and Start Point, the perfect spot to avoid the summer crowds which flood the South Hams beaches. With a very indirect route on winding roads and a very small car park of around 15 cars, this makes for a quiet beach, great for visiting by boat! Set at the bottom of a low valley with high grassy headlands it’s quite sheltered from the wind. The beach is mostly sandy with plenty of rockpools and a little stream running through – perfect for kids to explore.

Landcombe Cove

This is an isolated cove set between Slapton and Blackpool Sands, it’s a great place to escape the crowds, as it’s well hidden – it’s a fairly challenging climb down, so best to visit by boat. It’s a lovely spot, a generous curve of beach backed by high cliffs gives a real feel of seclusion. When the water is azure it’s the perfect place to anchor up on a summer’s afternoon and pretend you’re on a more continental riviera.

Elberry Cove

This beach is close to Paignton, a small inlet with a small pebble beach, far from the bustle of the main beaches. You can relax without being disturbed by the crowds – it’s a long walk to this beach on foot, so it always tends to be quiet. The scenery is beautiful, it’s framed by wooded hillsides and the sea is crystal clear, wonderful for swimming. At one end of the beach you’ll find the remains of Lord Churston’s bath house, a romantic 18th century ruin; at one time he could swim straight out into the sea through a gated doorway. This cove was also one of Agnatha Christie’s favourite bathing spots!

Soar Mill Cove

This is a small, remote beach in one of the prettiest settings in Devon, with idyll rural beauty. It’s surrounded by dramatic rocks and cliffs and the craggy heath of Bolt Head. To the back of the cove are gentle, rolling green hills of the South Hams. When the tide is out it exposes pristine golden sand, perfect for sunbathing and building sandcastles. There’s also plenty of rockpools and a little stream that runs down the centre. There’s lots of interesting wildlife and wild flowers that add to its beauty, it’s a great place to stop off when sailing from Salcombe!

We hope you enjoy exploring these wonderfully secluded beaches tucked away on the Devon coast, they are a must see by boat! Anchor up and take in all the natural beauty without the crowds. 

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