Discover Sailing Schools in Plymouth

Plymouth has a deep-rooted maritime history and is a thriving hub of sailing education.

From beginners to seasoned sailors, Plymouth’s top-tier sailing schools cater to a broad spectrum, including youth-focused initiatives that shape future generations and advanced courses for seasoned sailors.

Here, we round up some of the best places in Plymouth to learn to sail, grow in confidence, and embrace the joy of sea-faring adventures.

Plymouth Sailing School

Since 1957, Plymouth Sailing School has been a beacon of maritime training, known for its commitment to safety and professionalism. Offering tailored courses that cater for novice sailors and professional yacht masters, the school is proud of its longstanding tradition of nurturing skilled sailors with its comprehensive training programs that cover practical boat handling and navigational skills.

Mountbatten Centre

Adjacent to Plymouth Sound, the Mountbatten Centre is a favourite among locals for its extensive fleet of single and double-handed dinghies. As an RYA-accredited centre, it provides beginner to advanced-level dinghy sailing courses in an environment perfect for hands-on learning, backed by experienced instructors who ensure a safe and enriching sailing education.

Start Point Sailing

For those looking to expand their sailing skills across the South West’s picturesque waters, Start Point Sailing offers a mix of practical and shore-based training. The courses extend beyond Plymouth to include Devon, Cornwall, and the Channel Islands, blending RYA-certified training with the natural beauty of these locales to provide a holistic sailing education.

Horizon – Children’s Sailing Charity

Horizon is a pivotal organization in Plymouth that leverages sailing and powerboating as transformative tools for young people. By participating in Horizon’s programs, youths enhance their well-being, gain confidence, improve problem-solving skills, and learn teamwork. These activities not only build resilience and positive character traits but also equip them with transferable skills that foster success in broader aspects of their lives.

Royal Western Yacht Club (RWYC)

The RWYC, an accredited RYA Training Centre, offers a comprehensive range of sailing and powerboat courses. Members can progress from beginner levels right through to achieving official RYA certification. The club’s rich educational offerings ensure that everyone, regardless of their initial skill level, has the opportunity to advance and excel in maritime pursuits.

Royal Corinthians Yacht Club – Otters

Established by the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club to encourage youth sailing, the Corinthian Otters is a dynamic force in youth sailing on the East Coast. Recognized by the RYA, the club welcomes children aged 7-18, offering them a chance to learn and compete in sailing. From the safe, calm waters of a local pond for beginners to more challenging river sailing as skills improve, the Otters provide comprehensive training in a variety of dinghy classes, supported by a devoted team of parent volunteers and annually elected youth officers.

Whether you’re taking your first step towards learning to sail or looking to enhance your nautical skills, Plymouth’s array of sailing schools offers both the educational framework and the inspiring environment needed to thrive on the water. So, set sail from Plymouth and embark on a journey that promises both adventure and growth on the spectacular waters of the South West.