Shareholder and Aim Rule 26 Information

Please find below links to core management and financial information and has been designed to comply with the requirements of Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies – ‘Company Information Disclosure’.

This content was last updated on 7th August 2020

Significant Shareholders

As at 13 December 2018 the Company had 115,944,071 shares in issue following an Open Offer Placing. This remains the number of shares in issue as at 7th August 2020. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Sutton Harbour Group plc AIM securities. Other than AIM, the company’s shares are not admitted to or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms. In so far as the company is aware, the percentage of AIM securities that is not in public hands is 89.48%. The Company’s register of shareholdings as at 7th August showed the following interests in 3% or more of the Company’s share capital:

Major Shareholder information
Name Amount % Holding
FB Investors LLP 84,231,428 72.65
Crystal Amber Fund Limited 12,472,605 10.76
Mr Daniel McCauley and Rotolok (Holdings) Limited 6,615,690 5.71

Directors Interests

The interests of the Directors in the ordinary shares of the Company as at 23rd December 2020 are set out below:

Name Amount % Holding
G Miller 422,641 0.365
N Gadsdon 24,839 0.020
S Swales 3,199 0.003
P Beinhaker 0 0

Other Interests

Subject to satisfying the terms of a Company Share Option Plan, three employees hold option over 218,081 ordinary shares, of which 131,340 relate to N.Gadsdon.

There are other shares which are not held in public hands.